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Finding Hostel/Accommodation in Germany

Finding Hostel/Accommodation in Germany

Many of us are interested in studying in Germany. There are a couple of tasks should be done in order to get into Germany for higher study. Managing hostel/accommodation is one of them. Germany is one of the most popular higher studies and research destinations for international students and researchers. For the last couple of years, Germany placed in the top five countries list for its outstanding education and research facilities. The most vital part is to provide free education for all, although a state charges tuition fees for few years. Here, you’ll find a bunch of important websites who provide accommodation service. 

Accommodation in Germany

1. DAAD Accommodation finder:

Step – 2: Then fill these filters – Choose location > University > Student type
Step – 3: Then click on the Search button

2. Studentenwerk Accommodation:

Step – 1: Go to this link –
Step – 2: Keep your mouse on Topics option and choose Accommodation.
Step – 3: Then choose Type of accommodation ( Example: Student halls of residence ).
( You can find your Accommodation at your certain place, just search by place name )
::: Example: you are looking for accommodation in Munich, just search on google by writing Studentenwerk Munich.

3. Shared Accommodation

The Internet has numerous platforms that can help you finding rooms –

4. Apartment

If you prefer to live alone, you can also choose to rent your own apartment. This is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive form of accommodation. They cost students an average of 357 euros per month. Those looking for an apartment can use the same options covered in the shared accommodation section.

5. Temporary solution

For the emergency solution of accommodation, you may visit these websites:
Maybe someone also has a couch free for a couple of days. You can find more information at
Source: DAAD and Deutsches Studenntenwerk
Hopefully, this will help you to find accommodation in Germany.
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