Students are now more interested in higher education abroad than ever before, especially towards Europe. Many people are unable to implement despite the desire due to financial problems. But there are some countries in Europe where you can study without tuition fees or low tuition fees. Today’s writing is about those countries where you can Study in Europe With Low Tuition Fees or for free.


Higher education at Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD levels in Norway is quite free. However, most programs at the bachelor level are taught in the Norwegian language. For this reason, foreign students have to show proof of proficiency in the local language. However, masters and PhD studies are taught in English. Foreign students can work part-time in Norway for 24 hours a week with a Student Resident Permit.

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About 12 percent of the students attending university in Germany are foreign students. This number is increasing day by day because about 5% of government universities in the country do not have to pay any tuition fees for bachelor’s level education which is applicable to locals as well as foreigners. However, the students have to pay 5-6 euros for semester fees. However, some programs in Germany offer tuition fees, such as MBA.

In Germany, international students can work 120 full days or 240 half days a year during study. However, some states have recently added tuition fees.

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Austria, another country in Europe, students can get higher education without tuition fees or at low cost. Basically, students from least developed countries can get free tuition fees at the government universities of the country. But it will cost around 300-800 euros per semester to study for other international students at a government institution. At the same time, the student union membership fee will be about 19 euros per semester.

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Many are surprised to hear the name of France, yes there is no tuition fees in France if you study in french taught programs. Most of the bachelor’s programs are taught in French. So only those who know the French language can get higher education in the country without tuition fees.

However, there are some costs at public universities which are less than 200 euros a year. So if you want to study in France, you need to take a French language course. If you want to go there, you can start studying the language course with a fee. It is to be noted that there are also opportunities for higher education in English at the Bachelor and Masters level. There will be tuition fees.


The eyes of many have been raised by hearing the name of Belgium. Not false at all, you are reading right. Generally, international students required to pay tuition fees of 4175 euros per year. But tuition fees for students from countries in the countries that are included in UNO’s Least Developed Countries list are only 906.1 euros (in 2017-2018 sessions), but in terms of some programs/university, it is higher.
There is no tuition fee or low-cost higher education at a government university in Greece at a bachelor’s level, not a masters. However, most of the Bachelor’s programs are taught in Greek. It is to be noted that there are also opportunities for higher education in English at the Bachelor and Master’s level. Good to say, depending on the tuition fee program and the university, some universities may charge tuition fees. So the details have to be taken from the university website.
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