A few months ago, a committee comprised of science experts and relevant political representatives awarded 11 universities in Germany will receive extra funding. These universities get the title “Excellence University” which among others means these universities in Germany will receive extra funding in years to come.

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for the last decade chosen by students who want to Study in Abroad. It’s known as the “Land of Ideas”. It’s popular for its educational quality and research, especially for Automobile as well as Engineering. There are several well-known automobile and car manufacture companies in Germany such as BMW, Mercedes and so on. The other reason to be popular studies for no tuition fees. Although Recently one state has introduced tuition fees for international students that is very low (around 1500 euro per semester) comparing to other developed countries. 

A number of 19 applicants remained in the final stage of the selection process, including two alliances of universities. After a careful revision which took into consideration a wide variety of parameters, the committee shortlisted the following universities to be entitled as “Excellence University”:

The list has not changed a lot compared to previous years except for the University of Cologne which lost its position in 2019.

As included “Excellence University” list, these universities will receive more extra funding to go forward with their science and research study agenda. The government has told that extra funding dedicated to top 11 universities in Germany will be shared starting from November one.

The amount of money they will collect annually will range from €10 to €28 millions for the next seven years. Most of these funds are provided by the federal government while the rest is complemented by state at which a particular university is located.

The initiative “Excellence University” started from 2006. University of Bonn, University of Hamburg and Berlin University Alliance were the first to receive the award. Its long-term mission was to promote and encourage German universities to work toward extensive science and research activities to further improve the attractiveness of Germany as a study destination.

In January 2019, this scheme has switched name to Excellence Strategy and so far has collected 533 million each year funded by Federal and State governments.



Source: Study in Germany dot org

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